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Office Battle - Strategy Between Men And Women Free!!!

carestcarest BulgariaPosts: 103New Users @ @
Hey there, It’s a great game Strategy that I'm sure you gonna like it: Office Battle - Strategy Between Men And Women Free!!!


An exciting game that will not let you get bored. You must create a strategy for the development of your brave smiley warriors and not let the enemy destroy your home base! But most importantly, you should first do it with the enemy base! They are persistent and will try hard to prevent it.
Smiley – Titans’ battle has never been so close to the final victory over the enemy! Help them to get it, you will definitely succeed. The victory is not far off!

- 5 different types of smilies
- there are 4 upgrades for each smiley
- smileys of the opponent are modernized after a while
- beautiful art
- good music and sounds


Download a Free (Paid) version of the game on the link:

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