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Arabian Princess Dress - Best Game For Girls Free!

carestcarest BulgariaPosts: 103New Users @ @
Hey there, It’s a great game puzzle that I'm sure you gonna like it: Arabian Princess Dress - Best Game For Girls Free!


In a mysterious country, where there is a large and beautiful palace, lives a beautiful princess. She loved her city and the residents. For her kindness and beauty they brought her incredibly beautiful garments as gifts. One day she woke up and saw that a villain had gotten into her palace and stolen everything. He had left a note with a demand of a ransom. And now in order to return her garments, she needs to solve puzzles and collect a lot of coins. Help her to solve them faster!

- More 30 Levels!
- Includes various bonus minigames!
- More 2-3 Hours Interesting gameplay!
- Beautiful art!
- Good music and sounds!


Download a Free version of the game on the link:
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