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New developer needs your expert opinion on DuMore split screen multitasking app for iPhone and iPad

dumoreappsdumoreapps IndiaPosts: 1New Users Noob

I'm working on the DuMore split screen multitaksing app for iPhone and iPad and it is very close to my vision of a final version of the app. I want it to be a great value for money $0.99 worth app before I invest some savings into promotions.

Please try the app and give me your expert opinions. I'm looking for critical reviews of all aspects of the app. Please tell me what you don't like and how I can improve it. From the app icon to app store screenshots, the iTunes description and the app UI, UX and design and the overall experience with the app itself please let me know areas for improvement. And all suggestions and ideas are welcome. Speak freely :smiley:

Here's the current version of app on AppStore:

It is a paid app so I can give promotion code or give a testflight or a Diawi link.. please let me know what you prefer, or if there is another easier way, please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

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