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iOS Mobile App Keyword Research and Analysis

higgeyhiggey Posts: 7New Users Noob
I will carry out iOS Apple Appstore Keyword Research and Analysis for keywords on the Apple AppStore for your mobile app. I will use the Sensortower research tool to get research for your mobile apps and give you the results:

1. Keyword

2. Traffic

3. iPhone Difficulty

4. iPad Difficulty

5. Number of iPhone Apps

6. Number of iPad Apps

Give me your list of up to 35 Keywords and I will copy and paste them into Sensortower and place the results on to a spreadsheet for you. This is laborious task and I will save you much time to concentrate on other things.

The Appstore Research and Analysis results will help you to pick phrases which will rank more easily and get you increased downloads for your mobile apps.

100% money back guarantee.

Why wait? Order now! Go to
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