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WhiteMobi OfferWall – monetize your non-paying users

whitemobiwhitemobi CyprusPosts: 1New Users Noob
WhiteMobi is happy to announce new Reward Offerwall SDK for Android and iOS apps.
Our User Reward Offewall is a perfect solution to monetize your non-paying users and to increase revenue from your mobile app or game. You earn money each time your user completes a simple action in order to get your in-app rewards.

How it works?
Your app users are given the option to download a new app from our Offerwall in exchange for virtual currency.
The Offerwall is compatible with tablets and phones responding precisely to iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android devices.
We offer two methods of informing you about a user's reward. If you manage a user's balance on your own servers, we can send a serverside postback for every completed transaction.
In case you are managing user's balance on the clientside, you can use WhiteMobi SDK to get new rewards per user from our server.
You get paid for each completed offer, while virtual rewards keep users happy and excited to come back into your app for more rewards.

What do we offer?
• Over 2,000 offers with global coverage.
• More offers are added every single day.
• Suitable for mobile games, reward apps and other apps with rewards system.
• Use your own branded currency.
• Detailed reports & analytics.
• Serverside or Clientside Callbacks.
• Responsive layout.

Maximize your revenue in three simple steps:
1. Register account and create an app.
2. Download SDK and easily implement it into your app.
3. Release app to the market and make money.

Create an additional revenue stream for your business. Sign up now!

Still have questions? Contact us:
Skype: whitemobi


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