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Sequential Tap - Schulte Table

aotsincaotsinc USAPosts: 2New Users Noob
Schulte table (a grid with randomly distributed number or letters) is invented by Doctor Schulte for the training of attention and speed reading.

It is the simplest and most effective and also the most scientific method for attention training. You need to select all the numbers or letters in the grid as fast as you can.

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If you are practicing speed reading this program may help you. The longer the practice the shorter time need to read the whole table.

Our game use 5x5 grid for all type of games. We believe 5x5 is the best way for the user to get more attention.

Please focus on the grid center and find all the numbers or letters (multi language) with your peripheral vision i.e. without moving your eyes.

Select the numbers or letters in the order as fast as you can. That’s it.

In version 1 we have Numbers and English Alphabets. In the future release we plan to add more languages like Spanish, Russian and other languages.

Hope you enjoy this game.

Please see some screenshots of the game.
1.png 252.6K
2.png 222.5K
4.png 266.9K
5.png 112.9K
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