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Jump & GO - Endless Car game (Isometric View)

aotsincaotsinc USAPosts: 2New Users Noob
Jump and Go is an isometric endless jump and ride game. This is the first endless game with isometric view, so you can enjoy the 3D feel when you play this game.

This game is available only in IOS.
Link: [url="IOS:"]IOS:[/url]

Tap anywhere on the screen to jump over the hurdles.
The Speed and the type of hurdles will change when the score increase.

The user can select below 5 different types of places.

1) Forest
2) Beach
3) Mountain Area
4) City
5) Village

The user can also select 10 different types of vehicle from the list.

1.png 527.5K
2.png 790.9K
3.png 300.3K
4.png 654.5K
5.png 100.9K
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