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Where’s My What? Free is a new game by EnsenaSoft

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EnsenaSoft, an established mobile application developer focused on designing innovative games & apps for the mobile marketplace, recently announced a new release of their new game title Where’s My What? Free.

Where’s My What is a simple yet highly addictive game where you must identify and select a certain number of items on the screen before time runs out! While it sounds simple, it quickly becomes a dash against the clock as you pinpoint the right items in dozens of included categories. If you choose a wrong item, valuable seconds are lost. If you choose a correct item, valuable seconds are given. Are you quick enough to get triple-star ratings? Adventure Mode features an amazing 100 levels to complete and the farther you get, the more difficult it becomes. Free Mode is a race against time as you play to beat your own record by discovering as many items as possible. You can even invite a friend to your house for some local two-player fun!

– Single Player Adventure- & Free-Mode
– Local Two-Player Turn-Based Mode
– 100 Challenging Levels
– 70 Exciting Categories
– 100s Of Items To Discover
– 3-Star Rating System

Download on the App Store

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