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Live Streaming App Source Code for iOS and Android

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You can purchase them both or separate. I put them up for sale on chupamobile going price is $499 per platform. Willing to go as low as $350 per platform if interested.


Have you ever wanted to create your own Live Streaming Social Network like Periscope, Meerkat or Facebook Live? Launching a project that can accumulate thousands of users in one place?
The LiveStream Template Complete App is the best solution you can find in the market to make your own Live Streaming Social Network.
Here is the LiveStream Template for iOS and Android that allows you to achieve your biggest dreams when it comes to live streaming. It is a Periscope-like social network where you can stream live video, like the live video of your friends and comment while their streaming. With this template, you will never again miss the best moments of your friends’ lives, but always be part of it.
You will find every main feature a Live streaming app should have in this project. You simply follow all your friends, lean back, and observe the Iive streams and moments of your friends’ lives.
You get notified of every Live stream. Simply use the search function of the app to find other people on the platform. Just like other Live Video Streaming apps video stays on the platform for 24 hours.
Technical: What do I need to do to set this app up?
When you purchase template we provide you with a detailed description on how to setup/install Amazon EC2, Wowza streaming engine, and PhpMyAdmin for backend of app.
Features and Requirements

With the Live Stream template, you get your hands on a complete social network with the following features.
For the normal user:
iPhone app or Android app
Log in with Twitter account
Stream Live Videos
Follow your friends and beloved ones
Like and comment your friends? Live streams
Stay in touch with your friends, be part of their life
Share Live streams on your Twitter account
Edit and personalise your Profile header picture
Get notified when something happens by the activity system and push notifications
For the developer and operator of the project:
Clean and fully documented code, written in Swift/Java with a full documentation file in .html and .pdf and a detailed Setup Guide.
Full control over your user- and database via the PhpMyAdmin
Set links to privacy and terms of use web pages
Set a personal support mail
This project also uses several third-party libraries. (Cocoapods)
Wowza Streaming Engine – Yearly Cost around $1000
PubNub Account
JW Player Account
How to Setup and Reskin

The project comes with a completely documented source code, a full separate documentation explaining every method and variable as well as a Setup Guide, guiding you through the basic setup. Basically, you need to register yourself on Amazon EC2 and Wowza Streaming Engine and create new application. For the Twitter login, you need to create an application on
In order to reskin the project, you need to change the design of ~8 images, where nearly half of them are simple @2x duplicates. Some of the controllers support .xib files (for example the LaunchScreen.xib) and are really easy to customise. Those not supporting .xib files can be customised by changing the straightforward design code parts . More information is in the Setup Guide document.
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