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TERRA TANK - Top down shooter (by OrmosApps)

aormosaormos LondonPosts: 2New Users Noob
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Terra Tank is an action packed twin-stick shooter game aimed at hardcore gamers. Take the command of an inter-planetary tank and fight off the swarms of alien monsters. Your mission is to find resources on the planet and refuel your crashed spaceship and continue your journey through space in search of a way back to earth.

Don’t think it will be easy to escape as each planet you land on has different enemies of various shapes and sizes.

Expect glowing Rhacanea, fuel-hungry Hatchlings, leaping explosive mines, rolling Helios Spheres and many more. Oh, and don’t let them get too close.

This top down shooter game requires lightning-quick reactions and skillful maneuvering. The longer you stay on a planet, the more enemies will swarm around you. If you get cornered, you’re a goner.

It currently has 14 levels, giving you hours of
alien-blasting fun! And if it proves popular there will be many more to follow.


-“Unreal Engine” provides top-quality graphics
-Intuitive on-screen joysticks to control the tank
-2 difficulty settings
-Many types of power up items and health boosts
-14 planets (so far) – each one unique
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