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iOS and Mac App Install Tracking without SDK

Snap TapSnap Tap Posts: 14New Users *
edited August 2017 in Shameless Advertising
I am developing a FREE conversion tracking tool for iOS and Mac Apps. I am looking for some developers/App Marketers to sign up for a closed beta of the app.

What it does:
* Sign up and create campaign links for your app. Like Bitly (Eg:
* Use this link in your campaigns (social media, email or ad campaigns).
* Track Click, Installs and Purchases in your campaign dashboard.
* You do not require to install an SDK in your build.
* Just create campaign links and start using them.

Who should sign up:
* If you have a app in the iOS or Mac App Store with at least 50 installs per day
* You are actively marketing your app and would like to measure results of your marketing campaigns.

Whats in it for me:
* I get some valuable performance insights for my app
* I possibly get feedback from you guys to improve functionality and features

I am looking for 10 users to start using the app. If you are actively marketing your apps and believe conversion tracking will help your marketing campaigns, then please PM me with links to your app in the App Store and I'll share further details with you.
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