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Trayner - the all in one fitness tracker [FREE]

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Introducing Trayner, the all-in-one fitness tracker for iOS that has finally arrived! No longer will you have to download multiple apps to achieve a fulfilling gym experience. Trayner can easily teach you new exercises through GIFs and images, track your runs and biking trips, and much more!

- Over 220 exercises with over 18 different body targets including GIFs and images to teach you how to do them
- Ability to set custom rest times, reps/calories per set, and much more
- Indoor / Outdoor Run Tracking
- Outdoor Biking Trip Tracking
- Food Logging / Planning
- HealthKit: Uses your health app data to help track your calories and also show progress towards the goal you personally set
- Runs/Biking Trips/Exercises/Food items all are logged into the Health app
- Workout Planner / Logger
- View other users' workouts or view/save/edit workouts endorsed by Trayner
- A core timer that will use your core exercises to ding out loud to alert you to move to the next exercise
- Calendar Module to show you all exercises, workouts planned for any day
- Customization options for exercises allow you to properly schedule when and where you will do them
- Graph Module to show you your all around fitness progress and to alert you of new trends
- Ability to set distance, calories, and steps goals, and Trayner will alert you once you hit those goals
- iPod Integration
- QR code scanning of food items
- Frequent updates with new exercises, features, and improvements

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