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The Appstore Foundation

RisingHighRisingHigh LondonPosts: 3New Users Noob
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Introducing the Appstore Foundation eBook

The Appstore Foundation eBook includes 54 Masterclass topics covering everything from Asset creation, Pitching Publishers, contacting the Press and Apple themselves, our exact emails and Launch Calendar + so much more. but first...

A little about us

We’re a 2 person Indie Game Studio based just outside of London in the UK. We launched our Studio with Appsolute Games around 18 months ago and subsequently signed a further 4 deals after that. We've created 12 games in total and all have been featured by Apple in "New Games We Love", 100% record :). With 7 games published with Appsolute Games, and 5 under our label RisingHigh Studio have a pretty good feel on what it takes to succeed on the Appstore.


You want solid information that works.  

"When Kevin & Jilly set up RisingHigh Studio they never imagined that every game they built would be Featured by Apple, but that's exactly what happened, and they've laid out everything they did within the Appstore Foundation."



Spanning 5 modules, the Appstore Foundation covers 54 core topics in a down to earth, easy to follow guide. This is the structure that took months to put together. This is our no fluff, sensible, repeatable principles that we follow, and continue to do so, for every project we create.

We set out how to find a publisher for your game, how to pitch them and have your game ready. You'll learn our process we used to contact Apple for our Features, the exact emails and subject lines we use and our launch calendar timeline.

If you feel you're ready to level up & turn your game business up a notch, Appstore Foundation is for you.

Rather than creating a story based read that is all well and good, and perhaps even kinda interesting, we're all about taking action and providing practical steps and advice that actually gets results, and that's what the Appstore Foundation can do for you.

The information within this 30,000 word eBook is included within our Academy Membership, along with the Full HD video's that accompany it, but we've packaged it up and spent weeks producing this to the highest quality possible. There are few books that people quote when talking about the mobile game business, and we're confident the Appstore Foundation will have its place as the information within is timeless. It is the core principles of our foundation and is not dependant on tricks or hacks, just solid fundamentals that are the backbone of everything we do at RisingHigh.


Here's the Full Breakdown:

Module 1 - Foundation

Ideas & Prototyping

Looking at the World Around You
Using the App Store for Inspiration
Television / Films 
Online resources
Identifying Trends

Trending & Classic Art Styles
Featured Banners
Repeatable Successes from other developers
The TouchArcade Challenge
Knowing Your Category

Competitive Categories
Choosing Your Category
Tactics other developers are using
Sub-Category Features

Module 2 - App Store Marketing


Best Practices of Icon design
Keeping Consistency
Importance of Scalability 
A / B testing and Getting Feedback

The Proven Formula
What to Include
Landscape Vs Portrait
Golden Rules - What Not to Do!
App Preview Videos

Video Styles
What to Include
Tools & Software
App Preview Thoughts

Module 3 - The Publisher Goal

Where & How To Find One
The Featured Games List
Using the Appstore
Google is your Friend
Use our List ;)
Posting on TouchArcade

When & What to Post
Asking For Feedback
Be responsive
Publisher Preparation 

What to Include in the Build?
Be TestFlight Ready
Progress State Report

Module 4 - Pitching Principles

Writing Your Pitches
Press Kit & Website
Subject lines
What to Include
Email Tracking 

Why you need to track emails
Tools & Options
Using Bananatag

Importance of Monitoring
Early Access for Press
Tokens For Mac

Module 5 - Apple Features

Email Pitch 
What to Include

Finding Your App Store Games Manager
Find the emails
Choosing Your Manager
What Happens Next

App Store Refresh Times
Check Sub-Categories ( US Only )
Changing Countries Via iTunes
Capitalising on Your Feature


Thanks so much for reading and we hope you'll get tremendous value from the eBook.

Let's do this!
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