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Quizzes - Trivia Questions and Answers

snezanasnezana SerbiaPosts: 80New Users @
Love is always trendy! So you might want to try Love Quiz in English - a sweet app for killing time, having fun and perhaps learning something new. No, it is not another empty, gossipy app full of tabloid-like and cheesy facts. It actually has to offer a lot of facts regarding love coming from historical figures, poets, leaders and what not, PLUS it can be done 14 DIFFERENT languages.

Love Quiz in English:

LoveQuizTriviaQuestionsandAnswers.png LoveQuizTriviaQuestionsandAnswers.png LoveQuizTriviaQuestionsandAnswers.png LoveQuizTriviaQuestionsandAnswers.png


  • snezanasnezana SerbiaPosts: 80New Users @
    How much do you really know about the world that surrounds you? Play the newest quiz there is - General Knowledge Quiz - to find out! Use this brain teaser to get reminded of some facts, do it in 14 different languages, and have fun!

    General Knowledge Quiz Game:

    screenshot1.jpg screenshot2.jpg screenshot3.jpg screenshot4.jpg
  • snezanasnezana SerbiaPosts: 80New Users @
    How many of you are real James Cooks of the world? How many of you have any interest or knowledge of Geography? Find out for yourselves by playing this amazing quiz app – Geography Quiz – full of questions and answers, colorful pictures, fun facts, interesting features and graphics, and what not. Not only can you sharpen your knowledge of Geography, but also improve your languages skills, as the quiz is available in 15 different languages! Double challenge yourself and get a certificate! Have fun!

    Geography Quiz:

    Screenshot2.jpg Screenshot3.jpg Screenshot4.jpg Screenshot5.jpg
  • snezanasnezana SerbiaPosts: 80New Users @
    Hey there art lovers and enthusiasts! A new artsy app is right here! Art Quiz offers a galore of interesting questions and answers related to the most famous works of art, artists, their eccentricities and interesting facts from life. You can test your knowledge and have fun in 14 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES. In case you need help you can get it, and if you show yourself to know everything you get rewarded with a certificate! Enough talk, have some fun and enjoy!

    Art Challenge: Quiz Game:

    Screenshot1.jpg EN-Screenshot-1.png EN-Screenshot-4.png
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