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Serene! - Beautiful , challenging game is now FREE | 0.99USD -> Free | Forever

kishorberdekishorberde IndiaPosts: 1New Users Noob
edited September 2017 in Shameless Advertising
[0.99 USD] -> FREE


[trailer] :

*About Serene!*

Serenely challenging beautiful geometric art and artsy illusions.

It is a one touch play game having artfully crafted 56 levels.

Control smoothly moving black dot and your goal is to collect color dots in each level. Sounds easy ?
There is only one control option: Left Turn!

Find a perfect way to collect each dot.

*Why Free?*

Few weeks back we gave away our game "Serene!" for free for two days. We got amazing response and feedback from players. Also analytics showed that the game could do a nice business even if it is FREE and who doesn't want free things ;)

And here we are with new update of Serene! Get it free now.
Game has ads now, you can go premium with IAP pack.

Get it now. :)

We love to hear player experience. You can write a feedback on App Store or drop a message on our website (User Contact & Testing – Kishor Berde)

Cheers :)


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