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Top App Charts campaign by BombAppromotion

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BombAppromotion offers effective marketing tool for mobile application developers who have a limited budget for their app promotion campaigns. Establishing long-lived success is important for apps striving to break through into the mainstream. Yet, we appreciate how difficult that initial success is to find on the App market.

That’s why BombAppromotion’s marketing teams will use every resource at their disposal to guarantee your app finds a place in at least one of TOP 100 categories, where millions have the chance to notice it. Our teams will do everything from drawing on our many media contacts to analyzing your app’s target consumers and developing an effective pricing strategy.

Extended promotion campaign that leads to a guaranteed placement of your app within one or several Top App Charts categories/subcategories: Top 100 Overall Paid/Free apps, Top 100 Grossing Paid/Free apps, Top 100 Category/Subcategory Paid/Free apps, Top 100 Grossing Category/Subcategory Paid/Free apps. Note that if we do not achieve this goal half of the service price($1500) will be returned to our customer. You can purchase Top App Charts campaign on our site
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