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Ask Bart! Pirate Answers From Dead-Eye Bartholomew

saul102saul102 Posts: 64Registered Users
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Ask Bart!

“Avast me hardies! I be Dead-Eye Bartholomew, the most knowledgeable pirate in these here parts. For some accursed reason I be compelled to answer the questions of land-lubbers when they poke mah belly. ‘Course, bein’ a pirate, I hate land lubbers almost as much as I hate havin’ mah belly poked, so poke at yer own risk!”
-Dead-Eye Bartholomew

Admit it. You love pirates. Not those poser’s off the coast of Somalia, but real pirates. You know, the pirates of the movies we’ve grown up watching (peg legs, hooks for hands, eye-patches, and parrots). They’re selfish, mean, cranky, dangerous, and funny!

You probably also have questions that you need answers to, but don’t want to ask your friends or family. After all, how reliable are they?

Dead-Eye Bart (don’t call him Deb) is a combination of both of these things! The kind of pirate you love and the answer to all of your questions! Ask your question and poke Bart’s belly. He will give you an audio response to your most personal and private questions. Of course, you do need to keep in mind that he is a pirate, and he probably doesn’t like you very much, so his answers may not exactly be “friendly.”

Over 40 audio responses when Bart’s belly is poked.
Other responses when you poke his head or peg-leg.
A gloriously fat and cranky pirate.
Fun, original artwork.

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