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[BLOG] Follow a 3 years IT Schooling with the Author

JeromeCJeromeC Posts: 60Registered Users
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JC Developer World
It has just started out but there is a lot of information to come. Let me quote a bit of the Introducing Post:
What's in this Blog?

I am a Software Engineer working for a middle size Internet Marketing Company. We do web pages, server hosting, custom applications etc and since currently: iPhone Applications which I am currently assigned to.

This summer I will be starting a 3 year schooling program in Software Engineering in a unique system in Germany. I will be part working in the company and part learning at a IT&Media Academy. It's not quiet like Studying at a University as you earn practical experience just as academic.

So when I'm starting, I will be updating every bit of interesting knowledge on this blog, letting the world take part and learn as much as I am. Be prepared for a lot of info on this page.

Whom is this Blog for?

For anybody interested in Development. Not just for Mobile Applications but for everything that has to do with Software Engineering and Internet Marketing.

Would be great if you'd have a look at it :)
Like I said, its gonna have a lot of info on as I'll post about everything of value that I learn during that 3 years course.
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