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WARNING - Mateen Apps - Reza Pekan

ActionAppActionApp Posts: 18Registered Users *
edited May 2012 in Shameless Advertising

Hello Fellow devs

Just wanted to give you a heads up and a warning about a scammer here...

We bought source code from Mateen well over a month ago -

Last weekend he messaged me wanting to sell his itunes account, etc

We sent him the money - he then said he needed the same amount over again to send us downloads... HUH!

This was AFTER he agreed to send us EVERYTHING we needed within 48 hours.

He then said that if that wasn't acceptable for us to open a Paypal dispute...

He didn't refund our money -

Now WE have to wait on Paypal and HOPE that he hasn't already unlinked his banking for them to refund us...

I have FULL DOCUMENTATION to back up what I am saying...

What a scum bag.

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