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Announcing the new iPhoneDevSDK, running on Vanilla Forums

iseffiseff Posts: 25Administrators Admin
edited July 2012 in Site News & Announcements
It's been a bit of a rough couple weeks over here at iPhoneDevSDK HQ, but I'm very happy to announce the brand-new iPhoneDevSDK.

The new iPhoneDevSDK is like the old iPhoneDevSDK in the following ways:
  • The same amazing, supportive, and intelligent community.
  • All the same users (and your passwords) and threads, etc.
  • Similar set up and structure.
However, the new iPhoneDevSDK is better than the old iPhoneDevSDK in the following ways:
  • Now we run on Vanilla forums, a much better system than vBulletin.
  • No more worrying about malware issues, site suspensions, etc.
  • Easier management for moderators and administrators to keep the community healthy and happy.
We know there will be some kinks to figure out over the next few days, but our hope is that this will provide a much brighter future for the community as a whole.

In particular, I think there are some great new features provided by Vanilla that were not previously possible in vBulletin:
  • Badges, Reactions, and Reputation: You now have the ability to earn badges and reputation points for participating and posting insightful, useful, and otherwise awesome comments. These badges and reputation points will be used to help other users know exactly why to trust you and your posts. There's also Reactions, which allow you to share feedback with others. You can help the community keep abusive members and spammers out using the Spam and Abuse reaction.
  • @Username: Just like Twitter, you can now call attention to a particular user by @Username-ing them. For instance, you can do @iseff to mention me.
  • Notifications: You can now visit your Profile and set fine-grained controls on when you should be notified: replies, mentions, bookmarked discussions, etc.
  • User Walls: This is a new one, and I'm interested to watch it work. Just like a Facebook wall, every user profile now has a Wall. You can post messages to users by placing it on their wall (and others can see). Hopefully this will help the community engage with each other and build great relationships.
I hope you thoroughly enjoy the new forums, and if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask me directly via a private message.
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