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Edit: Contact any of our moderators for issues related to these rules.

The purpose of this forum is to allow feedback, positive or negative, after business transactions have been performed. Scammer threads will be moved to this forum as needed. I will make an effort to prefix thread names with [SCAMMER] or something like that so that they stand out.

With the exception of known or repeated scammers, all accused scammers will have the opportunity to set the record straight. Accusation alone is not proof of guilt. Do not send PMs requesting that someone be banned just because you say so. If the situation winds up being resolved, I will remove the corresponding threads.

This does not need to be an exclusively negative forum. If you've had a good working relationship with someone, feel free to post about it here.

Please note: This forum is not to be used for advertising. If I start to feel like any "props" have been coordinated, sponsored, or in any other way not genuine, there will be consequences.
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Do not quote questionable posts.
Do not post moderator requests in public. Send a PM.
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