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Avoid Robert Muresan of Exosyphen Studios

wigbywigby Posts: 36Registered Users @
edited September 2012 in Testimonials
I am finally close to releasing my app (thanks to,plowdigital, a U.S. based app developer) with NO help at all from Robert Muresan of Exosyphen Studios. A few years ago I signed a contract with Robert Muresan of Exosyphen Studios (based in Romania) and wired him $2,500 to code my fairly simple app. I was new to the app game so it looked like a bargain and he had a few apps already in the app store so he seemed legitimate. Anyway, after a year, I still never received a single line of code or anything but excuses. Since he is based in Romania, he thinks he is above the law and to some extent he might be right.

The funny thing is that to this day (2 years since I first initiated contact with him on this very forum), he still replies to my emails and gives vague answers to my questions. But he always has an excuse for why he's delivered nothing and blames me for changing and complicating the development process. Since the contract stated that his work must be completed 60-90 days from payment, he liked to tell me that I added things (impossible since I would only correspond with him once every other month to ask a simple question) that would extend his deadline. I have about 50 emails from him. 90% of them are me trying to get a simple response or commitment from him. He currently has 10 games in the app store and probably does business with many people so I wanted to post this warning to all. He is still out there so avoid him not just because he's a crook but because he's an idiot that asks really dumb questions with no insight as to his clients' needs.


  • OrionExchangeOrionExchange Posts: 35New Users
    It's a shame you faced such a terrible experience. I hope your Application release goes well.

    All the best.
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  • wigbywigby Posts: 36Registered Users @
    Thanks. He is still a registered member of this forum so I welcome his retort or anyone else with similar experiences.
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