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Help needed for new kung fu app

DaiwaiDaiwai Posts: 1New Users
edited May 2012 in Tutorial Discussion
Hi guys, I am a noob to objective C and programming generally, I have Xcode 4 and have spent endless hours trying to get my head around it all....doing tutes about app dev etc but still unsure how to do very simple things

I am a well known illustrator and I would create you a totally hot painting of whatever you want in exchange for a simple tute that will give me step by step what to do.

I am an advanced kung fu practitioner and my Sifu and I have created a series of videos about how to do our style.

So what I need to do is create a simple good looking app with a scrolling list of the available videos that link to the videos, call them, play them then go back to the scrolling list when the user wants.

Thats all for now, has got to be relatively simple , what do you think.
My web galleries of art is at, then follows art galleries link at top. I work in film and TV, advertising etc as well as manga.
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