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SOme direction required please...

aldangerduncanaldangerduncan Posts: 1New Users
edited May 2012 in Tutorial Requests
Having decided to dip a toe in the SDK pool, I think the best way to learn would be to try and develop my own app from the ground up.

Initially, I want to build an App that is basically a database of photos, which a user can then filter to narrow the selection.

For example, it might be a gallery of cars, which the user could then narrow down to different colours, filter by engine size etc etc. By choosing Blue cars with engine size over 2 Lt, there will then be X number of photos to scroll through.

Can you please offer some advice and pointers on the best way to start. Xcode is downloaded and ready to go. Which of the App templates would be best to start off with? Is there a framework code that could be downloaded from somewhere?

Looking forward to getting stuck in, once I know the best path to follow!
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