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Staggering records via a website into core data

zardonzardon Posts: 240Registered Users
edited February 2012 in Tutorial Requests
I have a website and I have core data. I can populate it with JSON easily via a JSON API.

Everything to this point seems fine.

The problem I get to is how to stagger the records properly so that as the user scrolls it loads more content.

This kinda implies some kind of limit, offset rule. But I am not sure.

Also on this subject, I've seen apps with "load more", but what is this loading more of? Is it loading more from the website or the database?

If its from the website, then why bother with a database as your website already does the heavy lifting.

The only scenario I can think of is your user's device is offline, and you use "load more" to load more from the database.

Therefore, I request a tutorial on how to stagger the records to/from a website and/or database.

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