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  • Duncan C earned the Eighth Anniversary badge.
    Thanks for sticking with us for 8 years.
    April 29
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    December 2015
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    December 2014
  • scitom24
    Hello Duncan, I am a computer science student from HK, I am spending my time on a ER-Diagram tutor application of objective c, but i got some trouble on drag relationship line between entities. My idea is that to find the shortest path between two entities, but i found it is difficult to find the shortest path then build the line and how can the line follow moving when I move those linked entities.

    What can I do to do so? i am puzzling on it.
    December 2014
  • julthebaber
    I replied to the answer you left on my post! Check it out please, you're really helpful!
    April 2014
  • givensur
    Have you checked out the Core iOS Developer Cookbook 5th Edition yet?

    If so, is it worth picking up for someone that already owns the iOS 5 (including the additional recipes) and iOS 6 books (Core and Advanced)?

    I really don't read them like regular programming books, I tend to just use them as reference.

    Just wondering what your personal opinion is.

    April 2014
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    December 2013
  • DrScience
    Aloha Duncan, still coding, but with a limp. :) Strange problems makes me think of you since you once wrote of the beauty of embedded links. An a simple other app, embedded tappable links stop working in a UITextField about half way through. It’s parent is a ScrollView but nothing seems to work. Any direction? It worked in Xcode 4 but not in 5SDK. Hints?
    September 2013
  • Duncan C was promoted to Guru.
    August 2013