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  • Try this code, This will helps you to switch between different Views on changing segments of Segment COntrol All Apps Developer
  • Duncan C wrote: » I doubt if that's possible with either a web view OR a UITextView. Web views at least support the mixed styles you need, but I don't think there are hooks to let you add extra functions like notes. I think this would requir…
  • yati_040 wrote: » Hi, I am deveoping an ebook app for ipad/iphone which loads epub file. I would like to know how to highlight a text with a background color and make notes similar to iBook or Kindle in UIWebView and NOT UIView. I am able to dr…
  • Try this, It definitely helps you [URL="How to make our own Custom AlertView"]How to make our own Custom AlertView…
  • VSRKishore wrote: » Thankyou I am very please If it helps you.
  • You can see how checkbox can be implemented in iphone. You can see this in All Apps Developers you can save this state either in NSUserDefaults or in plist
  • NSCoder767 wrote: » Hi, I am using a UIView and want to have a tiled png image for the background. How can I do this. I also want to take the Navigation bar and Tool bar height into account for this. Thanks in advance. For tiling effect …
  • I know this ques was asked 2 years back but I am replying so that other can utilize it: So here is solution for this In cellForRowAtIndexPath cell.slid[COLOR="rgb(0, 100, 0)"]er.tag=800+[indexPath row]; cell.slider.maximumValue = 100; …
  • Vortec4800 wrote: » Does anyone know of an easy way to put a border around a UIImageView? I'd like the border to stay with the imageView if it moves around or anything as well. Just a plain black border of a couple pixels would be perfect. …