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  • In other words, I thought In step 3. Create a dictionary from data let urlDict = try? JSONSerialization.jsonObject(with: data!, options: []) urlDict is already a dictionary. Obvious I am wrong. What process I eed to get the data in to the correct …
  • Thanks for the reply. So the return type is Any. So does it mean urlDict has to be casted into an dictionary that I can use .count and also have access to the key to get the value? How to go about doing that?
  • I found this code in Swift 3 on SO import UIKit class ViewController: UIViewController { override func viewWillTransition(to size: CGSize, with coordinator: UIViewControllerTransitionCoordinator) { if UIDevice.current.orientation.…
  • Hello, thank you for your reply. It looks like you example is in obj-C rather than Swift.
  • Thanks!
  • Sadly there are too many damn spammers and the legit users has to pay for the price!
  • Hello, I am studying about nesting function. the basic syntax is like this: func outter() -> String { return "Hello" } //invoke let a = outter()
  • Hello, BrianSlick I had some time this morning to go through the code carefully. You said that my code wouldn't work because I never change myInout, is it because I shouldn't have to have a return value when I use inout? Is it because always needs …
  • Thank you very much for pointing out my mistake. I am still trying to digest Swift. So much to learn
  • Oh, I see . Thanks for you explaination. So the definition of collection is that it has to be mutable without re-defining.
  • Unity 3D is a very nice platform to develop games or any other kinds of 3D app. It is worth trying out. You can get a trial version to play with and find out for your self.
  • Thank you for your reply. It works.:)
  • It seems to be a very misleading part from Apple. On the Interface Builder, When select a Bar Button Item, under attributes inspector->Bar Item, it has an option to use image rather than text as the title. But when one uses an image, it doesn't w…
  • Seriously considering getting a large 22"+ external monitor!! I use the MBA when I am on the road. The MBA is powerful enough, but the 13" monitor just won't do once you start to use Xcode, especially when you need to use the Interface builder to cr…
  • Never mind I got it YAY!! AllI need to do is this - (IBAction)Center:(id)sender { [self.amountLabel setStringValue:@50]; [self.Slider setIntegerValue:(NSInteger) 50]; }
  • Thanks for the reply. Yes I did all that, but still can't find a way to set the knob to the center position. for example, the slider range from 1-100. I want to have a button to center the slider value to 50, this is easy. But the knob remains wh…
  • BrianSlick wrote: » I've never had anyone give me a tangible reason why singletons are bad. "You just shouldn't do that!" Ok, why? "Because they're bad, that's why!" In what way? "They're just bad. You'll find out why eventually..." Can't you…
  • "A singleton is very clean" That's precisely why I like it. because I can make the project very readable and understandable for others by making each class to perform a specific set of function and if I need to add another class in the future, the…
  • Oh no I don't want a thermo nuclear war :0 Seriously, I know some people frown on singleton, but I don't know why that's such a bad thing as some say, it gets the job done that''s all it matters.
  • @CyGarcia your question is very unclear, how do you expect people to help you? Like dev666999 said, most of the time SIGABRT error is caused by a nil object, a resource that doesn't exist For example, try to load a non-existing image to a UIImag…
  • I will b happy to test it out for you. Please let me know what I need to do.
  • Thanks all for the reply. So it's a bad idea to try to change it?
  • Thank you very much Duncan. It works perfectly now. Now I know what I did wrong.
  • Thanks all for the reply, I think I should post the method to make my question clearer: - (void)fetchedBiblicalNamesData { NSString *urlString = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@", kBiblicalNamesURL]; //NSLog(@"urlString=%@", urlString); …
  • Oh waiting, I just found the solution. All I need is to create a new scheme, then everything is back to normal, Yea!! Nonetheless, I wonder if this is a Xcode bug.
  • Oh, of course, daaa. I didn't think of that. Now that you mention, the lesson class is indeed in C++. Thanks.
  • Thanks Naughty_Ottsel. I see you are talking about source control, right? I do use GitHub.
  • Thanks all for the replies @Naughty_Ottsel What should I be looking at in the source control, any suggestion?
  • Nope, it's not mountain doing it, I disabled ML from doing it. it's Xcode.
  • Thought I tried that. But I will try again. Thanks.
  • The mistake was a very silly one. The reason I obtain the reverse geo code is because I want to pack it in a NSURL. It just darned on me last night placemark.thoroughfare contain a NSString street name-XYZ St, with a space in between, I didn't think…
  • HA!! As always, an hour after I asked the question, I figured it out. The problem was because of a completely different issue. But thanks everyone for the replies.
  • Sorry I forgot to use the code tag and thank you for the reply. The two logs are used to test the output. What I don't understand is it seems like the scope of placemark only exist within the for loop, once I try to access it outside of the loop it…
  • There may be, but I would stick with Obj-C since it's the native Mac language.
  • It has to do with the placement of the "*" symbol, as you know the"*" means a pointer to something. What is confusing is a lot of times we type our declaration like this this: NSString *myString; so makes it look like the"*" is part of myString rat…
  • Most definitely. However I do find Xcode hard to use on my 13" MBA. Especially when it comes to debugging in iPad simulator and the new iPhone 5 simulator.
  • Thanks for the replay. I guess I should have been more specific with my question. I am curious because some say it is more time efficient, I wonder how much time it saves by putting headers in prefix.pch, I supposed it depends on how big the program…
  • Well, that's obvious, but besides ?
  • I guess I am old fashion, but generally I like to hand code unless I need to meet a short timeline for a project. And I met with some "developers", they have no clue what goes on behind the scene when comes to create UI cause they got lazy.
  • Sorry guys. The reason I didn't explain how I get it to work is because I set up my iMac differently from most other users. For easy data management and quieter operation, I separated my Mountain Lion in two disks. the system is on a 60G SSD driv…
  • Never mind, I finally figured out what was wrong.
  • Hummm, I am not sure why, I changed the image to read and write permissions.
  • Duncan, I am not sure why that happened, but I just uploaded a reduced size image hope it works this time. Thanks for letting me know.
  • Oh yea, I might be wrong, but the permissions thing does seem to explain the lock issue. Why would Xcode lock my project when I transfer it via local network but not if I transfer it using USB stick? Is there someting in Xcode preferences I missed?
  • Hi Duncan C, Thanks for the reply. I am more curious as why this would be. The two Macs are set up with the same exact user name, exact same rwx permissions, basically the two macs are identical except the MBA has fewer applications. I guess this ma…
  • smithdale87 wrote: » Well, for starters, you can consult the documentation. It usually can give you the stuff you need for things like this. Let's look at the NSXMLParser Class Reference. You will see it has the following method: - (id)initWithC…
  • smithdale87 wrote: » You use an NSXMLParser to parse the data, or some of the other available 3rd party xml parsers. If you can be more specific about what you don't understand, then maybe we can better help you. Thanks for the reply. That'…
  • MattW wrote: » Post your timer setup code.... Have you put an NSLog() or a breakpoint in your sendGPS() function to make sure it's actually getting called multiple times? my timer code setup is just a generic code, nothing out of the ordin…
  • Thanks all for replying. smithdale87 wrote: » where do you set up the timer? Is it set to repeat=YES? Yes and yes, @MattW yes, at the beginning of the selector, I have a NSLog(@Sending URL); In the debug log, it shows the selector was …
  • The problem seems to be timer related but I just don't know what it is, if I make a sequence of calls to the sendGPS a lot of [self sendGPS]s from ViewDidLoad, every single one is recorded in MySQL, once I put it in the timer only the first time i…