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  • Re: Tools for uploading images to itunes connect?

    Look into fastlane. ( I've never used it, but it sounds like there are modules that can help out.
  • Re: always on location aware app - help?

    General guideline: Before starting any project, spend some quality time searching the app store for similar features. And they might not be games, necessarily. Look for technical features. If you find some that look promising, download them, see if they behave in the way you want. If so, then you know that what you want is possible. If not, you can probably assume that what you want cannot be done. The chances that your idea is so unique that no one has tried anything like it are slim, so if you truly find nothing, there's probably a reason.
  • Re: UITableViewCell programmatically content cannot be seen

    Ok, these pictures would have been useful with the first post, but they still do not prove anything.

    And you have not added enough logs. All your log indicates is that you have reached row at index 4. That's it. It does not prove anything else.

    Maybe you don't have any contents.
    NSLog(@"number of items: %d", self.arrYazarAd.count)
    for( int i=0; i< self.arrYazarAd.count; i++) {

    If that is 0 then you won't enter the loop.

    Maybe your contents are blank.
    NSLog("Author name: %@", [self.arrYazarAd objectAtIndex:i]);
    lblAuthorName.text = [self.arrYazarAd objectAtIndex:i];
    NSLog("Title: %@", [self.arrYaziBaslik objectAtIndex:i])
    lblArticleTitle.text = [self.arrYaziBaslik objectAtIndex:i];

    These are the kinds of logs you need.
  • Re: Should I be making an IOS app for my school major project?

    Well, of the two, the second is the most realistic. The first will require a server, so you'll need to include that in your requirements.

    It will be a challenge. Very little of your stated programming background will be relevant. Not to mention that HTML and CSS isn't really programming. Plus, presumably you will have other school subjects to worry about in the meantime as well. If you were going to be working on nothing but learning the language and building this app, then I'd say sure, 6-10 months will be fine. It actually sounds like a good starter project, as you will have to acquire a lot of important skills in order to pull it off. But as a busy high school student that likely won't be able to spend more than an hour or two a day on this, without very much relevant background, I think you're going to struggle to finish in time.

    Maybe design the app in phases. Take a very simplistic approach for the first phase, design the app to do something useful, but perhaps not EVERYTHING you've described here. If you get that much done on time, great, proceed to phase 2 and add another feature. If you get that done on time, great, proceed to phase 3 and add another feature, etc.
  • Re: AudioSessionInitialize 1768843636 Error

    I know nothing about this code, but I put your thread title into Google (which you easily could have done as well) and found several good hits. This looks relevant:

    ...but like I said, I can't help. Spend some time Googling.