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  • App Planning Tools

    This feels like a "business" topic more than a "development" topic to me, so I think it is appropriate for this forum.

    What are some tools/apps that people use to plan their apps? I think this would be something used BEFORE a mockup app (though I would also like to hear about mockup options). Something to gather feature ideas in a nicely organized fashion, something that can be easily referenced when designing the mockup to make sure that you've captured all of the features you want. Probably will just be text entries ("support Dynamic Type"), but I wouldn't be opposed to adding sketches or images of some kind.

    2 examples of what I'm looking for:

    - The new Notes app has folders, so I've made a folder for all of my app notes. Then I have several different notes for different areas of the app, and I add ideas to appropriate notes as they come up.

    Pros: Cross-platform and synced, I can add things on whatever device I'm using at the time, easy to use
    Cons: Not really all that organized, especially with Notes' characteristic of floating the most-recently-edited note to the top of the list. Hard to get a big picture feel from a list of notes.

    - I had a client who listed EVERYTHING he possibly wanted to do as tickets in FogBugz.

    Pros: Well, I guess ultimately this needs to be a checklist anyway, so this is a good start. Can change priorities, indicate which things should be delayed for a later update, etc. Can add more details to tickets as needed. Grouping of tickets is better than Notes equivalent.
    Cons: Last I checked, I didn't find any good apps (situation might be better now), so it is effectively web-only, and thus not as easy to use cross-platform. Possibly needing to log in delays me getting my idea written down. Although I like FogBugz as a bug tracker, it doesn't really feel like a good product design tool. So many trees, hard to see the forrest. Perhaps overkill for what I'm looking for, but I could be wrong.

    So, a simple notes app, or a full-on bug tracker. What are some other things that folks use? I'm not really interested in timelines or Gantt charts, so my searches for "project management" types of things aren't really turning up useful-for-me options.