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  • Re: Nearly have my first major contract - How much should I charge? QUESTIONS!

    There are a couple of things to also include in your contract.

    1. Copyright - the contract should state that all rights to the source code remain yours until all outstanding invoices are paid. I agree with the others above that you are going to need to provide source code.

    2. Reserve Time Fee - the contract should state that if the project is "put on hold" for any reason during scheduled development or final release or anything that prevents the final payment from being received, then your company needs to paid a "reserve time fee" for holding the project open. $3200 per person on the project per month is reasonable.

    The next few are more opinions but are what I have experienced:

    3. Support/Testing - The contract should state that final testing is the responsibility of the client. There should be a time limit to report defects, after which the app is considered "accepted" and the final development payment is due. Support - which includes post release bug fixes and developer testing against new iOS versions and devices with minor fixes to maintain functionality - is required with the app and should be 15-25% of the final development cost per year. These percentages are common in enterprise software and the IT manager of your client will not balk at this. This is a good source of profit if you have made the code easy to maintain.

    4. Rates - If you are more than a one man operation then you should be getting around $150/hour per person. Pay your developers around $75/hr plus benefits. If you work alone, you can probably charge as little as $100/hr but make sure you include the hours that you will spend estimating and dealing with the paperwork associated with the contract in your estimate.

  • Re: Do you think I can report that review to apple?

    Yes. First, make your app free. Then, report a concern stating that the app can not be a waste of money because it is free!