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  • Malware

    I'm typically here on a daily basis, so you can pretty much assume I already know about this when it happens. That said, I'm a moderator, not an admin, so all I can do about it is alert the admins. I did so, and asked about the common cause. The response I got was:
    Typically it comes from spam users who include pictures in their sig
    or their post that redirect to some other host that includes malware
    (which is why you see it listed that we never host malware, but link
    to it). Often times it's hard to even find because by the time we get
    listed, the post is gone after being marked as spam.

    It's a cat and mouse game, for sure. :-/

    I blow away these kinds of posts all of the time. Safari shows them as broken images. Firefox doesn't show them at all, so you have to pay attention to the contents of the post. There will typically be 4 or 5 image links. If you see these, report the post. And for the love of Zeus don't quote the posts. When I ban spammers, I delete their posts, but that doesn't address any quoted posts, so their spammy links live on and are harder to find.

    Characteristics to look for:
    • New user, and/or low (<10) post count
    • Content will either be a copy-paste of some other post (or part of a post) in the thread, or so generic that it doesn't necessarily apply to that particular thread. "Thanks for posting this", etc.
    • Any image link in which the post does not specifically address the image. Like I said, these typically appear as broken in Safari. On Firefox (not sure about Chrome), if you reply to the specific post, you will see the contents and can see the image links. DO NOT POST IT AGAIN. Simply look at the contents.
    • Sometimes they make a clean post without images, and then come back and edit the post to include images. So if you are participating in a thread and see one of these borderline posts, keep an eye on it.

    Report any questionable posts ASAP.
  • Posting Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING

    Edit: Contact any of our moderators for issues related to these rules.

    The intention of this forum is to allow anyone who needs iOS (or mobile in general) work performed to advertise their job opening. This could mean a full time position, short-term contract help, simple tutoring, or any variety of other tasks. If you seek the service of a developer, post about it here. Understand that this is first and foremost an iOS board. If you are seeking Mac or Android developers, or even some graphics designers, you might get lucky. Much beyond that, you probably should look elsewhere.

    New Thread Rules
    • You may only have 1 thread per job opening in this forum. If you are hiring for multiple similar positions, there should be a single thread for those positions. If the positions are different (ex: programmer vs manager), then those should be separate threads.

    Replying/Bumping Rules

    In short, replies are not allowed in this forum. If you want to say something to the thread author, send a PM. If you hit the reply button, chances are that you screwed up. These are the exceptions:
    • The OP may bump once per calendar month. So if you post at the end of May and again at the beginning of June, that's fine. Post twice in June and that's not fine.
    • The OP may post at any time to indicate that the position has been filled, and is encouraged to do so.
    • If additional clarification is needed regarding the position, then that request may be made. But your first instinct should be to send a PM, not post in the thread.