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  • PAY ATTENTION: Promo Codes MUST Be Included In Your Post

    Edit: Contact any of our moderators for issues related to these rules.

    This is a restatement of the forum rules that have been in place for 2+ years. There is nothing new here, same old, same old.

    If your post does not include promo codes, then it is merely advertising, and will be moved to Shameless Advertising. Repeat offenders will be dealt with harshly.
  • Posting Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING

    Edit: Contact any of our moderators for issues related to these rules.

    The intention of this forum is to allow our contractor members to advertise their services. In order to bias this forum towards our existing membership, we are requiring some form of minimum forum participation to post here.

    New Thread Rules
    • Your post count must be 10 or higher.
    • Your account must be at least 1 month old.
    • You may only have 1 thread in this forum.

    If you believe that you meet this criteria but cannot post, send me a PM. Feel free to click the "Advertise Here" link at the top of each page if you wish to purchase some ad space.

    Replying/Bumping Rules

    In short, replies are not allowed in this forum. If you want to say something to the thread author, send a PM. If you hit the reply button, chances are that you screwed up. These are the exceptions:
    • The OP may bump once per calendar month. So if you post at the end of May and again at the beginning of June, that's fine. Post twice in June and that's not fine.
    • The OP may post at any time to indicate they are no longer offering services. In this case, the OP is encouraged to report the thread and request that it be deleted.

    Shameless Advertising is the ONLY forum in which you may post advertising. Posting advertising ANYWHERE ELSE ON THIS BOARD will incur an infraction and the subsequent penalties.
  • NEW! BBCode - How To Make Code In Your Posts Look Nice

    Edit: Contact any of our moderators for issues related to these rules.

    We have turned off HTML formatting, and restored BBCode formatting. So the days of ugly formatting should be behind us. Probably will still have people forgetting to format, but we'll just have to helpfully and courteously encourage the use of code formatting.

    So, code formatting now works the way it used to. If you are unfamiliar with BBCode, the tags look like this (without the spaces):

    [ code ] // Some code [ / code ]

    After removing the spaces, you should wind up with:
    // Some code
    If you don't like typing these in manually, good news! There is a button you can hit. Look to the top left of your editing area. You see the Bold, Italic, Underline, and Strikethrough buttons? Good. Right next to them is a C button. C for code. Get it? We're exploring the possibility of making it say "CODE", but for now it is just C.

    Highlight your ugly, hard-to-read code:

    for (Minion *minion in self.lair)
    [minion doMyBidding];

    ...hit the C button...
    for (Minion *minion in lair)
       [minion doMyBidding];
    Aaaaaahhhh, so nice and readable. And hey, as long as you're here, go the extra mile to REALLY make your code look nice: Fix your indenting. Remove comments. Remove methods that don't apply to your immediate problem. You can always preview your post before you make it to verify that it looks nice.

    Legacy Posts

    We actually have 2 categories of legacy posts (this only matters if you need to edit an older post): 1) Posts from the vBulletin version of this forum, 2) Posts in Vanilla up until tonight. Items in category #1 should be exactly the same. They were BBCode before, they remained BBCode all of this time, and they are still BBCode today. So what I typed above applies just fine.

    Category #2 is a little different. These posts will remain formatted with HTML, and they cannot be converted. Editing for these posts will continue to be in HTML. I will link the previous version of this post so that you can read how to to do the code formatting in an HTML post.

    How do you know the difference? Look to the bottom left of the editing area. I currently see "You can use BBCode in your post". So I cannot use HTML. If you see "You can use Simple Html in your post" instead, that means what I typed above doesn't apply, go read the old post to figure out what to do.

    New posts should be BBCode, so this should only be a concern for older posts.
  • Re: Apple dev center is still down, BUT...

    Well sure, everyone likes giving their email address to random web sites.