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  • Re: Your files could not be loaded. Try again.

    ok I figured it out. It turns out apple, when they created the idea of promo videos, they went to an I.T. video techie and asked him what he thought would be the perfect video settings in order to have the highest quality video. And he gave them a whole bunch of numbers related to bit rate refresh, screen resolution, bit mapping megahertz, interlacing rate and a bunch of other techie stats that no one has ever heard of or cares about, and then Apple said, "ok great! we will force every developer to ONLY submit videos that match all of these many specs!"

    and now the final result is that you have to meet all these specs even if your video software doesn't support them. Like the video software I use does not create videos with a 2000 pixel resolution. So I have to download a 3rd party software program that stretches the video out, (while at the same time losing quality) just so that its 2000 pixels wide.

    This is especially obnoxious because if you turn on your TV and watch ESPN, you are not seeing images 2000 pixels wide! So in apple's mind ESPN (or any other broadcaster) is not creating high enough quality video to meet their standards for a 30 second promo clip! I'm sorry but this is pure stupidity!
  • New Site look

    sorry, I'm sure a ton of work and money went into the new site, but i'm not a big fan :(

    The screen is constantly flicking as you move your mouse around. And its constantly doing work in the background that causes things to freeze up for a few seconds. Even as I type this post it will completely freeze for about 4 seconds and then a little popup message comes on to tell me that it saved a draft. Thanks, but i don't need any help typing!! I don't need anything saved and don't need the screen to flicker endlessly.

    And the little "flag" link that shows all the options... why does this need to flicker every time my mouse goes over it? Just display it if, AND ONLY IF... i click on it. Screen froze up again.... have to wait 4 seconds to continue...

    I much prefer a "dumb" page that just gives me the info.
  • Re: When enrolling a new iOS Dev account for a new company, is it better to create a new user account?

    as long as you are sure you will be making money. your yearly fees from apple will now be $200.
  • Re: Tools for uploading images to itunes connect?

    its a pain, but i can't image any tool that could exist. you still need to capture your own images and drag them to iTunes connect. I don't see any room for automation.
  • Re: Swift Project Migration from ObjectiveC

    i'm not sure why you would want to convert an existing app into swift. There is a 100% chance of injecting new bugs into your code and a 0% benefit. All at the expense of potentially hundreds of hours of work. Its not like your app is going to be a better app just because its now in swift.