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  • The iPhone has jumped the shark?

  • Re: Have app reviewers gotten worse?

    @SeanyK Yikes!

    Lets hope this is not a new trend.

    Welcome to the new People's Republic of Apple. :(
  • Re: Provisioning profile without payed Apple Developer Program

    codefreak wrote: »
    I was doing an app for my iPad and I was so happy about it but I stumbled across a problem when downloading it. I didn't have a provisioning profile... I would like to know how to do a provisioning profile without a payed Apple Developer Program.

    (P.S. It would be simpler for me to have the answer for Windows or iOS but Mac is ok too :) )

    I suspect this is what you're looking to do?

    It's an older link for iOS9, but the general rules are the same.
  • Re: Apple Schedule of Payment 2016-17

    CoDEFRo wrote: »
    dev666999 wrote: »
    CoDEFRo wrote: »
    I don't understand why they just don't pay us on the same day every month like a normal company. Getting paid 9 days after the month starts is ridiculous, especially if you live paycheck to paycheck. Why is it so hard to just pick one concrete date instead of having to use formulas and calculate all this madness?

    Because Apple, like the Trumps believe their needs are more important than yours.

    Hence them pissing on you.

    The move they pulled with changing the schedule and not informing anyone was very obnoxious.

    I totally agree. As you mentioned, it creates economic havoc for those less fortunate. In the USA, if you have a mortgage, you have a grace period of 15 days before it's considered late. However, for renters there is no such legal grace period. Rent is generally due on the 1st of each month with it being late on the 5th. Like you, surprised that Apple's programmers did not take that into account, Apple being so socially conscious and all. I have a mortgage and savings, so this new schedule does not affect me. But still... what about others who are now looking for short time loans each month to avoid being homeless? This was poorly thought out. Shame on Apple. Developing for a living is already too difficult for most developers. To add another burden or obstacle is unconscionable, especially when it would be EASY for Apple to schedule payments on the 1st of each month.
  • Re: Remaining Apple Schedule of Payment 2016

    swifter22 wrote: »
    id256 wrote: »
    Dev's share should be 70% of sales, but $54/$94 ~ 57%. I also had share near 57% in October. No sure exactly, but I guess that has to do with currency exchange rates or local taxes, though 13% difference looks huge.

    The $94 is the proceeds that I get after apple takes the 30%. So shouldn't I get the $94?

    You're most likely looking at a timing difference. App sales are booked when bought by the user for your time and sales reports. But, the actual payment that Apple receives is usually about 3-5 days later than the sale date. Apple pays out the actual payments received. So, the difference you are seeing is most likely an account receivable, that will be paid the next payment date. An easy way to see this is to see how many units you sold in your time and sales report. Now compare that to your actual payment units. The difference in units are those late sales that got reported in the current period but will not be paid until Apple collects the money during the next period. This cycle repeats pay period after pay period, and is why Apple states you cannot depend on time and sales to determine the actual monies you will receive.

    Like reconciling your bank balance with your check book balance, the difference are outstanding/uncleared items.

    You see a similar thing in reverse, when you make a credit card payment on your credit card account. It registers as the current date paid, but your account may not update for at least 24- 48 hours.

    These are all examples of timing differences.

    Another possibility... Apple screwed up, in which case you will get the missing amount the next period. I've seen that happen too.