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  • Huge security flaw lets anyone log into a High Sierra Mac

    I tested it on my Mac and it's true. I unlocked using "root" and no password.

    F*cking Morons at Apple... LOL.

    With all their condescending anally retentive shit aimed at developers and users, I am surprised by the sheer incompetence of this.
  • Re: Start-up expenses and financial forecasting

    smashing wrote: »
    I'll help.

    1) Apple's dev license is necessary to upload to the App Store and it costs $99. So it only costs that amount of money to get started making and distributing apps. If you go here you can learn how to develop apps. It is supper easy. Any who charges you money to write source code is ripping you off. In fact, because you are a businessman with nothing but potential, you should charge them. That's a great way to make money and fund your business. Be sure to mention this on

    2) I have an app in the Productivity section which has about 3 downloads per week. It is unranked. Using Excel's formula to dermine value from ranking, an app ranked at No. 1 in the app store should make Infinite Money. Since Infinite Money is obviously impossible, then we can discount that result, but remember, Apple fiscal Q1 2016 was $75.9B revenue. So if you have an app in the Productivity section you can make between $0 and $75,000,000,000.

    Also, I can tell you forgot about Marketing. Tsk. Tsk. I can help, though. Here are some tricks to kick it up an notch, and really get that edge when sending out your press release and help your software development:

    a) Be 12 years old.
    b) Be a girl.
    c) Be from a place in Syria or Afghanistan where Islamic extremists have declared war on western education.
    d) Sustain a near life ending injury in the head. But survive to give talks at the UN and around the world.

    e) But a Macbook made after 2009.

    Of the above, I think (e) might be the most limiting factor if you primary use a Windows computer. It is just so different.

    There are really too few apps in the App Store which accepts "data" and then "generate a visual graph over time". It is a tough problem few developers have been able to solve, and there is a lot of customer demand for inputing "data" on a touch screen device.

    Anyway good luck. I'm sure you will be a success.

    Excellent advice, but you left out one other category...

    Be a transexual like Caitlin Jenner, and push that via a reality show for all that is worth. ;)

  • Re: How much do you make per week?

    Cowlinn wrote: »
    It's been a while and I thought it would be good to re-visit the "How much do you make from apps" question. Who wants to go first?

    if there was ever an unpolite question, this is it.

    It's none of your f*cking business.

    Just how much did you make on that crappy book of yours.

  • Re: Success on the App store now nearly impossible?

    iosandwin wrote: »
    I just saw a beautiful Christmas tree and lots of snow where I live lol

    Yeah right... More like a marijuana plant and lots of coke. ;)