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  • Re: Apple slowing review times down for violations

    Such a joke. I have known of one scam developer for a couple years now that i have reported multiple times with strong evidence of his violation of Apple’s TOS. Just scum of the earth cloning apps, infringing trademarks, ignoring legal threats and his many accounts are somehow still active. Yet you read bs like this. Unreal.
  • Re: Review Rule 4.2.6... The Sh*t has hit the Fan.

    It sucks being a hitchhiker on a platform under totalitarian rule.
  • Re: Apple is cleaning up the App Store.

    It's good they are finally cleaning up the app store of all the junk apps that are never updated. They should have done this long ago.

    Regarding long app names... Who cares really? Making developers create shorter titles for their apps doesn't benefit anyone. It's a useless endeavour. I wish they would focus on issues that actually benefit developers and/or users.

    Furthermore, If Apple didn't want developers to give their apps long app names they should have simply cleaned up the search engine algorithm. I am not sure what they expected would happen when they designed their search engine to give keywords in the title of an app A LOT more weight than the keywords in the keywords field.

  • Re: WWDC '15 ; Thoughts. Optimistic for the future or just too much work for no money?

    yea seems like a bunch more work for little to no help for us indies to make money or improve our positions. Apple doesn't care tho, they are killing it. Indies do not matter to them at all at this point.
  • Re: How much could I sell my app business for?

    Your "app business" is not worth what you think it is.

    The problem is that developers want to valuate their apps based on man hours, development costs, and their oh so beloved IP. What most developers don't realize is that their IP is worth nothing. Why? Because there is nothing stopping a prospective buyer from just duplicating that IP using the money they would have to spend to acquire your junk.

    Why spend $30k or $200k on a bunch of crappy apps that have been proven not to sell? I can just go pay a developer on odesk to duplicate the apps I feel have value instead.

    You see guys on Apptopia all the time trying to sell their failed app that makes $0 for $30k or more because they spent over $200k in development. These guys don't understand that nobody is going bail them out for making a horrible business decision of investing years of development and $200k in a product that nobody wants to buy.

    It's hilarious.