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  • iOS developers needed

    Hi Im the current iOS developer for my company Market America. Looks like my boss is in need of some more developers because there is a slew of projects coming down the pipeline in a few months. I work up here in NY but if you are also in North Carolina that can work also. I know its not detailed but ill give you those later once you PM me here and ill put you straight through to my manager.
  • Re: Concepts of Multithreading and Web Services

    1) Well first SOAP doesn't use any response type but XML. If you want JSON your going to have to use REST. To me that poses an issue with very large data sets. Lets say the response for XML is 2000 characters, the JSON character count would be like 800. I don't really know for sure the definitive places where SOAP and REST come into play but I can give you my guess and if Im wrong hopefully someone can help us both out. I think it comes into play when you are setting up the NSURLRequest. You can change the BODY, HEADER_FIELDS and many other options in a NSURL Request to fit the web services needs. Both protocols will return their errors in the NSURLRespnse and you can act accordingly. Theres a function called [NSURLCONNection sendAsynRequest] which is a class method so you don't need to set up the NSURLCOnnection delegate because it uses its own completion block. To me thats good enough to use for most of my programs but thats on a case by case basis.

    2) Im currently in the works of really understanding how GCD functions little by little. Your exactly on track with the concepts of serial queues and concurrent queues, but like you said your just scratching the surface. Theres a lot more functionality residing in GCD and once you grab hold of how to use it, it makes life a lot easier. I don't suggest using synchronous queues that to me says you want a queue to stall until some functionality is complete then continue forward. I played around with that at first but then I learned about dispatch_groups. Dispatch_Groups are able to group multiple asynchronous tasks in one group and then you can wait until they are all done to continue working on the thread that the group is running on. To me this is a much better way to go about synchronizing functionality. Here I learned a lot about GCD from this site

    Grand Central Dispatch Part 1

    There is a part two and I suggest you read what that site has to say because they really know what they are talking about. Actually if you never heard of it there are so many really in depth tutorials that you will want to play around with to get a feel for everything.

    I hope I helped you out as much as I can. We both are in the process of learning everyday and thats what matters.
  • Re: array into NSDictonary

    What you want to do is iterate through the dictiojnry with a For In Loop then add each object to an NSMUtableArray. This should solve your problem