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  • Re: what a stupid reviewer


    They keep rejecting anything.. I think we should join together to do something.
  • Good News and Bad News about the new app store changes.

    Good News:
    Your app’s rating includes ratings for all versions of your app. You have the option to reset your rating when you submit a new version of your app for review. Consider using this feature sparingly. While it can ensure that user ratings are only for the most current version of your app — useful if you just launched a major update that addresses users’ previous concerns — having few reviews can discourage customers from downloading your app.

    >>It means new version won't reset the rating anymore.

    Bad News:
    The length of your app name is limited to 30 characters and will appear on the App Store for each device, including each version of iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.
    Subtitles are limited to 30 characters and appear below your app’s name throughout the App Store. Using a subtitle to briefly summarize your app in a concise, compelling way can encourage visits to your product page and downloads. Avoid generic descriptions such as “world’s best app.” Instead, consider using your subtitle to highlight features or typical uses of your app that resonate with your audience.

    >>App Name is further limited to 30 characters.
    >>Hope the new App Subtitle is searchable, not sure now.
  • Re: PlayHaven (UpSight) eCPM Drop a Lot, anybody else?

    rubel wrote: »
    raymng wrote: »
    PlayHaven (UpSight) eCPM drop a lot since 1st December, hope it is just database error, anybody is using PlayHaven?
    How about other ads networks?


    I am also having very poor ecpm from december 1st. I used to have $50-$60 daily which should increase by now (because of christmas) but I am receiving only $6-$10 now a days...Sometime ecpm is $0.5 even less...Can you please share your ecpm for last few days? Also can you please tell what you are thinking? Will you remove playhaven and use anything else?

    Same as you, very bad..
    I already routed some traffic to other ads networks.
  • Re: PlayHaven (UpSight) eCPM Drop a Lot, anybody else?

    vbovio wrote: »
    I'm using it and seeing the drop too, November was bad compared to past months, but I'm also seeing these past days of December really bad, if I don't see an improvement soon I'll stop using them..

    I see, good to know I am not alone.. I also emailed PH to check whether it is database error.

    I am thinking this may be due to the end of thanksgiving holiday, people and advertisers just exhausted their money...
  • Re: App Bundles - Compatible Price Tears

    Maybe you can create more bundles with different combination of your app names, this can achieve the same result.