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  • Re: Video ad networks: AdColony vs. Vungle

    Hey there,

    @shigaugi We want you to run video ads however you would like to. We only run 15 second or shorter videos. eCPM $4-12 on a worldwide average depending on geos of users, placements and frequency of ads in your app. We’ve only built SDK’s for iOS and Android.

    Hi there,

    @sinhahumayun Sorry you feel that our payment measurement system is fishy, I’d love to hear more details on why specifically you feel that way. We generate revenue for you via four different campaign pricing options: CPM, CPI, CPC and CPCV.

    We want you to run video ads however you would like to: skippable/non-skippable and/or rewarded. It’s true that our publishers have had a lot of success with rewarded interstitials. But we’ve also seen publishers have even greater success with non-skippable rewarded video views (vs. skippable-rewarded), especially if you are experiencing low volumes of video ads and running a rewarded placement. Some publishers have seen more than a 100% increase in eCPM over 2 weeks. Take a look at this short presentation if you’d like to get more info:

    We have a global fill of over 90% worldwide. The global fill is dependent upon what geos your users are in, the frequency of your ad calls, and assuming our SDK has had an opportunity to cache an ad on the users device.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions and feel free to email me directly at

    $4-12 eCPM with 90% fill rate globally.. is this number for skippable, non-rewarded ads?
    This seems to be very good, anyone confirms?